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A. Maury

I’ve tried the [Tropical Roots] twist cream & love it.  I tend to be a little heavy with products but have to remember a little goes a long way with your product.  I blow dried my hair & used the twist cream to do flat twists.  I really love it…

K. Lofton-Johnson

I recently won the Tropical Roots products by BB at our most recent meet up on Saturday December 10th. The products included shampoo spray, growth oil, 2 locking gels one firm, one regular and a twist cream. I tried the shampoo spray on my twists last night. You are to thoroughly wet your hair with the shampoo spray and then massage it for 3 to 5 minutes then dry the excess liquid up with a towel and add the growth oil. This shampoo and oil did quite well with my hair. I re-twisted a few of my twist with the locking gel and twist cream – it’s recommended that you use the two together. The cream actually did make my hair less frizzy and the gel held my twists together . My hair looks very moisturized and it smells good too.:) I would actually buy these products again for my hair. Oh and I have 4C type hair.

P. Palmer Green

Thanks to Bronner Brothers for supporting our Mentoring Program Matching Ceremony! The generous donation helped us make the ceremony memorable. Our students and mentors were delighted to receive a gift bag filled with [Tropical Roots] products that many of them already use. And the copy of UPSCALE Magazine that you provided helped us reinforce positive African American images.

When I first saw this product I thought to myself: “shampoo spray? How?” My concept of a shampoo involves lots of water, at times teary eyes, lots of suds and a towel; all working to produce a clean head of hair and scalp. Continue Reading


PROPS!!  From the get go, I must give props to Ms Mann of the BB company for reaching out to me and asking if I’d be interested in doing a review of the Tropical Roots line. As I have said before, having this blog was meant to be an outline to chart the growth of my locs this second time around and to hopefully inspire others who were lost like I was. Continue Reading